Questions & Answers

Do I need to be very flexible to get Thai massage?

No, you do not need to be very flexible. Thai massage is easily customized for everyone regardless of your physical and health conditions.

Do you use lotion or oil?

For the most part Thai massage is performed through clothing. However I often use oils, balms, and liniments. I will always ask before applying anything to your skin.

How often can I get Thai massage?

The effects of a Thai massage session last about 3 days. It is therefore perfectly safe to get Thai massage as often as 1-2 times per week. If your session includes cupping and/or scraping, I may suggest a longer period of time between sessions. For structural changes to occur, or for injury recovery I will often recommend 2-3 sessions per month as needed. 

What should I wear to my Thai massage appointment?

Any loose comfortable or stretchy clothing works well. Sweats or yoga clothes are perfect. Choose pants rather than shorts as the techniques work best with fabric, and no skirts please. You will have the option to wear the clothing I provide during your session as well.

What can I do to help my body incorporate the bodywork I just received?

Stay hydrated and drink fluids with electrolytes. In addition to water have some juice and tea. Take an epsom salt bath. Epsom salt help muscles release tension and help reduce soreness. If you are experiencing soreness use a heating pad or hot water bottle on the area. Tiger balm or other topical warming or cooling balms can be helpful as well.

Can I have Thai massage during my pregnancy?

Thai bodywork is a wonderful part of prenatal care, after the first trimester. The session will be performed in side-lying and seated positions, and will include a lot of hot herbal compress work.