Injury recovery, chronic pain treatment and wellness maintenance through the Traditional Thai approach. 


Services & Rates

60 min Thai Massage - $80

90 min Thai Massage - $120



What to Expect

As a recipient, you will experience the healing benefits of Thai Massage in a number of ways. Increased flexibility and joint mobility, improved circulation, relaxation, injury recovery, pain reduction, elemental balancing, grounding, and detoxifying.

History of Thai Massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing art and one of the five primary branches of Traditional Thai Medicine. The western title of “massage” is a bit misleading in that it is more like physical therapy when used for its therapeutic potentials beyond relaxation. Thai massage has origins dating back thousands of years ago. 

About Jess

I was first introduced to Thai Massage at East West College in Portland, OR in 2009.  I have since completed the course work offerings at The Naga Center and an apprenticeship with Nephyr Jacobsen. I have made several trips to Thailand to study with various teachers, and will continue to visit to keep a strong connection to the practice and the culture.